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Thousands of syrians demonstrating agains Assad's regime holding a sign that says: "A revolution for all syrians"

In March 2011, the calls for freedom and dignity rang through Syria's neighbourhoods. A people suffering in silence from decades of dictatorship and family rule at the hands of the Assad regime had found their voice.

Over a decade later, the evil they rose up against remains in power, overlooking large-scale destruction, the death of hundreds of thousands, and the displacement and exile of millions. Instead of being held accountable, this evil is now being rehabilitated on the world stage.

Despite all of this, Syrians at home and around the world are still resisting with every means at their disposal. 

As the children of the great Syrian revolution, we are keeping our dream of a free and democratic country alive through the most powerful weapon we have - our memory.

We believe that an English-language online magazine dedicated to covering Syria and the developments within and outside the country has never been more necessary. Our voices as Syrians have gone unheard and have been spoken over for far too long, with disastrous consequences.

Ḥurrīya aims to change that. And we would like to invite you with us on our journey. 

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